About Us

Why we are here and what we do

A quarter of a million people in Essex have some degree of hearing loss, nationally that amounts to one in six of the population. Hearing Help Essex exists to alleviate the isolation and loneliness that hearing loss can bring.

We work with those who have lived in the hearing world and who now find themselves with some degree of hearing loss, by offering practical help, support and guidance. Our Hearing Aid Support Sessions operate in the following areas: Chelmsford, Maldon & District, Braintree & District, Basildon and Uttlesford. Clients who live outside this area are welcome to visit us in the Resource Centre.

We visit residential homes, day centres, community health clinics and day hospitals; running Hearing Help Sessions, where several people can be helped in one visit.
We have a team of dedicated volunteers many of whom are hard of hearing themselves so can empathise as well as offer practical help. We offer a home visiting service for housebound clients living within our operational area.

New hearing aid wearers may need encouragement to persevere with their hearing aids. Many people struggle with the practical aspects of a hearing aid, even fitting the mould into the ear can be a major problem. Our volunteers are trained to clean, re-tube and carry out basic maintenance on all NHS hearing aids and will spend as much time with a client as is required, making several visits if necessary.

We have a wide range of specialist equipment that is available to improve communication in daily life such as amplified telephones, flashing doorbells etc. This equipment can be demonstrated and then lent on short term loan to be tried in the client’s home environment.

We seek to increase the “deaf awareness” of families, friends and carers in order that they too may become more effective communicators. We also seek to increase the “deaf awareness” of service providers by encouraging them to train their staff in deaf awareness.

Ultimately, we would wish to educate young people to the dangers of excessive noise thus helping prevent hearing loss in later life.

We work very closely with the audiology departments of Broomfield, Epping, Harlow, Addenbrookes and Basildon Hospitals,  who recognise the value of our work and refer clients to us.

Hearing Help Essex is grateful for funding provided by Chelmsford City Council, Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, Essex County Council, Maldon District Council Livewell Group, Uttlesford District Council, and other grant making trusts and local organisations which support the work of the charity. In order to sustain out work, and to keep our services free to our clients, donations and grants are always welcome. If you are interested in supporting the work of HHE please contact our CEO, Sophie Biebuyck.